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Privacy Notice

We understand that you are very concerned about the use and disclosure of your personal information. And we are highly appreciated your faith in our wisdom and sensitivity handling of this issue. This statement will specify our privacy policy. If you find our site, which will be deemed to have visited your acceptance of this policy privacy.

Information collected automatically
When you work with us, we will get and put the information provided.
For example, like many websites, we use "cookies".
When your browser visits our site, we will collect some information. (See selection of data collection process explained at the end of this policy)
Many companies offer the technology that can help to visit the site anonymously. Even under this circumstance we can not offer you the individualized experience on our website as your ID is unidentified, we still like to remind the presence of these techniques.

Email correspondence
To help us make e-mail more useful and interesting, if you open e-mail from our website, we will often receive a message that you have read the delivered e-mail. (If your computer supports this feature), we will make a comparison between our customer list and other companies "to avoid unwanted messages.
Information from other sources:
We may collect your information for other resources and add it to our customer database (see example information collection process is provided at the end of this policy).

Cookies can be defined as a kind of discriminatory symbol read out of letters and numbers on your hard drive via our web browser so that our system is your browser to identify properties and quantity of products while your visit and again in your shopping cart.
The help feature in the toolbar of your browser will tell you how to prevent the browser from installing new cookies and inform you when the browser installs a new cookie or shuts down cookies completely.
In addition, you can connect data from both browser add-ons as Flash cookies or cancel by changing its setting or visiting other manufacturers' websites.
However, cookies can help you get the most out of the best special services available on our site, so we recommend setting up an open mode for this application.

Information from other sources
Examples of information we receive from other sources such as depatching and address information provided by our freight forwarder or other third party, which can correct our disc and make it easy to deliver your next order and contact you.